Coach Administration Checklist

2017 RARYS Coach Administration Checklist



  • Attend Mandatory Coaches Orientation Meeting
    • Sign RARYS Coaches Code of Conduct
    • Pick up coaching equipment provided by RARYS (First aid kit, balls, cones, pinnies)
    • Obtain a roster (Only rostered players can play.  An un-rostered child is not medically insured under the RARYS program)
  • Complete mandatory WYSA Risk Management Assessment.  $12 Fee Reimbursed by RARYS

(Note:  If you completed an assessment in 2016, it is not required for 2017)


  • Contact Assistant Coach and Parents
    • Establish practice schedule (time and location)
      • Ensure an effort is made for practices to coincide with other teams in your division so scrimmages can be held at the end of each practice.
    • Provide Contact Information
    • Schedule “Parents Meeting” (Acceptable to be held at beginning of first practice)


  • Sign up for a practice field by end of August - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Create a snack schedule to assign responsibility for bringing water and snacks for half time to a different family each weekend (Expected for Div. 1-2, Optional for Div. 3-4)


  • Conduct a parents meeting
    • Distribute Game Schedules (Schedules will be posted online once available)
    • Discuss Season Expectations (Reference Sample “Parents Meeting Agenda”)
    • Discuss WYSA Sideline Behavior Guidelines and WYSA Zero Tolerance Policy (Found on



  • Complete Player Evaluation Forms


  • Encourage players to continue on-going skills development by providing information regarding indoor soccer (Futsal) and spring soccer programs sponsored in the Richland Center Community.


  • Attend Coaches Wrap-Up Meeting
    • Turn in Equipment
    • Turn in Player Evaluation Forms
    • Provide feedback and constructive suggestions for improvements